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Conversion Therapy (also known as Reparative Therapy) is claimed by some to be a therapeutic or pastoral approach to help someone change their gender identity and/or sexual orientation. This thought is rooted in the bigoted belief that being LGBT+ is a form of “brokenness” and sin instead of what it truly is, a gift; something to be celebrated, not fixed. Conversion Therapy claims it can “transform” a person from who they are as an authentically LGBT+ person to an imposed heteronormative narrative defined by the counselor. Conversion Therapy robs the LGBT+ client of their natural core sense of self and relationship. It instills fear, shame, and a cynical toxic worldview that refuses to accept you can be a happy, healthy, and whole LGBT+ person.

Conversion Therapy for adults is one thing. One terrible thing. However, for children, call it for what it is… Child abuse. 

Conversion Therapy is DAMAGING to our community because it has systemic bigotry at its roots.

Conversion Therapy is DESTRUCTIVE to families because it imposes negative family dynamic stereotypes instead of teaching healthy affirmation for the LGBTQ+ youth.

And the most unfortunate, Conversion Therapy is DEADLY to LGBTQ+ Youth. According to The Trevor Project’s 2018 Youth Survey, 42% of LGBTQ youth who are exposed to Conversion Therapy have suicidal ideation or attempt suicide. That already horrible number spikes even higher for trans and non-binary youth… a staggering 57%.

Now that we know better concerning Conversion Therapy, we need to do better! Ban Conversion Therapy to save young lives as soon as possible. Scroll down for further resources and help to end conversion therapy and resources to help others find their way out of that world and find the healing and affirmation they need as LGBTQ+ people.

Jorge Estevez with WFTV Channel 9 hosted a panel discussion about conversion therapy with licensed counselor Stephanie Preston-Hughes, Survivor Jordan Hunter, Survivor and former ex-gay leader Randy Thomas.

Why is Conversion Therapy dangerous?

“The Lies & Dangers 0f of Efforts to Change Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity” —  Human Rights Campaign

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Conversion Therapy and LGBT Youth” Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law

Survivor Resources

The Zebra Coalition

Orlando Youth Association (OYA!)

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Ex-Ex-Gay Survivors Facebook Group

Survivor Stories

Finding My True Self” — Yvette Schneider

Taking ‘The Next Right Step’ Reflections Five Years After Exodus” — Randy Thomas

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Ending Conversion Therapy Nationally & Internationally

The Trevor Project “50 bills in 50 states” campaign

Conversion therapy ban progress map

Australian Resources compiled by ABBI

Ending conversion therapy locally

End conversion therapy in Orange County — 

Conversion Therapy Talking Points — Equality Florida

Letter To Orange County Mayor Demmings from Randy Thomas



The Daily Beast,‘You Will Find God’: Inside the Battle to Ban Conversion Therapy in Floridaby Sarah Rogers — features core group seeking to Ban Conversion Therapy in Orange County Florida including Thrive Executive Director Randy Thomas & Dan Scobey.

WFTS (ABC) Action News Tampa Bay, “Florida lawmakers call conversion therapy ‘state-sanctioned child abuse'”