Easter Outside The Tomb

Today is Good Friday 2021. The day commemorates the day Christ was murdered by the religious leaders of His day. One close to him betrayed him with a kiss. Then, the lies and false witness against Him sent Him to be tortured without mercy to die in one of the most horrific ways humankind has come up with to murder someone. In all of my time as a Christian, it has been my Good Friday meditations that have brought about the most genuine and profound Easter spiritual experiences and growth.

The thought of Him descending into death to be brought back to life in three days as the transfigured and transcendent personification of God is still as amazing to me as my first Easter almost 29 years ago. Those of us who believe in His pure power, unconditional love, and grace that has NO bounds draw reassurance each Easter that indeed, He is Risen! We have an omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent God who knows each of us by name and went to the cross to open the door for us to find our way Home (spiritually). This act is a revelation of beauty that requires unearthly words uttered by angels to be sung in the heavens and echoed through the grateful tears of those who follow Him out of their own “tombs.”

This post does come from a genuinely self-actualized place within me and I am forever grateful to Christ. Jesus is the catalyst for my self-actualization, grace, and freedom. That said, I don’t believe any of us are not “saved.” I am now a Universalist Christian. I am not talking about a denominational thing because I am not into organized religion anymore. It’s more of an approach and state of Being. Let’s say that this approach is not an exclusive gospel as is taught by culturally conservative Christians. I have refused to look at anyone with a hell-fire filter (turn or burn type of mentality) since around 2013. I am not interested in trying to redirect or manipulate anyone else’s (spiritual or not) journey.

While I believe we will all make it to a much better after-life than now, it is common for humans to have their own metaphorical tombs long before passing out of this world. Mine was the closet built by self-loathing and shame. It might have been a stained glass closet (church), but it was pitch dark with the tombstone of bigotry and denial sealing it shut. Religious leaders of the day created the false witness and hatred against me as a gay man. They created the environment where my only option was to live in that culturally derived and self-imposed prison. Yet, Christ overcame the darkness of the many sins against him that imprisoned His tomb. That same bright and unconditional love energy will unseal our tombs, dismantle our closets and dispel our lies and the lies of others against us.

Whether you are a believer in Christ or not, if there is a dark place you feel trapped in and believe a part of your life has been taken away, derive courage and energy from the story of Christ at Easter. Let it be an inspiration to overcome what would keep you from living fully and honestly.

The hate and theological stigma of any religious leaders against us will always be forever cast away by Christ’s transcendent love. The truth of who we are is more glorious than those blinded by bigotry will ever understand.

Let’s have the courage to be ourselves, together,