If A Tank Could Be A Sweetheart

I will be honest. It has been very difficult to bond with Queen Gigi the Grey. I love her. That’s a given. But after a couple of run-ins with Eli the Zombie-Killing Chillhuahua… and complete lack of grace or manners… it’s been hard for Eli and I to fully accept her. I am getting there in that she does listen to me (mostly) but Eli literally just tried to bite her because she wanted me to throw her ball in the backyard.

This is after the first few days, Gigi and Eli got into a snarling biting tussle twice. He started it both times but she finished it very quickly. If I hadn’t yelled a yell I didn’t know I could yell, and smacked her back side (both times, hard) to get her off of him, she could have easily killed him. I was mortified. It would take one bite or one wrong turn and he would be instantly dead. She is almost 10 times his weight/size and the pitty-mix jaw and body strength is unbelievable.

Ever since the second run-in, Eli is super depressed and skittish. Also very possessive of his space and people. Constantly nervous, shaking and trying to establish dominance.

That said, Daddy Dan & The Fairy Princess love her. The Fairy Princess and Queen Gigi are inseparable when the Princess is with us. Dan tells me to give it a few weeks and it will all work out. I really hope so. She is super-sweet and 100% love bug.