The New Queen at The Dandy Ranch & Eli-topia

Well… we have a new family member. All hail Queen Gigi the Grey!

The story of how Gigi ended up in our home is interesting. One night I was walking Eli and I saw a Dachshund running around loose. I tried like heck to get it to come to me but it just ran away.

I hated that. I was worried it was going to get run over and it was *freezing* cold. When we got home, I was upset and prayed… not lying at all, ask Jesus… that if the Universe wanted us to have another dog to bring it to our door. And… no lie… I looked out the window a couple of times to see if the Dachshund would show up.

The next morning I am stumbling around the house trying to wake up and Dan came home with Eli from their morning walk. Except, Gigi had followed them home. Literally came to our door and right inside!

I was like, Ummmmm… Universe? This is a pitty-mix …not a black and white Dashshund! Not only that…it is a pitty-mix in heat!

She was overweight and so horny. Eli was beside himself and well,,, it wasn’t ever going to happen but he was trying! She was obviously someone’s pet at some point, and VERY sweet. We called animal control because we were sure she belonged to someone. I cried as they took her off. They said they would call us if she wasn’t chipped, if no one came to claim her in 5 days, and before they put her up for adoption (if she was deemed adoptable) in case we wanted her.

Almost a week later, they called us yesterday. We took Eli down for a meet and greet this morning and those two love birds remembered each other. It was obvious they wanted to be near each other so bad. It seemed clear Eli wanted Gigi to come home with us.

While there, they spayed her, she is now chipped, got her shots, tags, and everything needed to register her to her new Daddys, Randy and Dan.

She was aloof at first but is already responding to her name Gigi. She is super good with Eli and he is being a super-annoying-horn-dog. The only flash of jealousy I have seen so far is when I went to pet Eli. He could care less but she keeps putting herself between he and me.

Then, as I put her tags on her, she was super cuddly and started licking my hand and pressing into me. It’s like she knew with that act we were safe and she was at home.

So The Dandy Ranch has three Queens (Randy, Dan, Gigi … lol) , one King Zombie-killer (Eli) and a full on Diva Darling Princess (Autumn.)

Or, in other words, all of this is an answer to my many prayers of wanting a loving family.

Thank you, Universe 🙂