Jumping Into The Deep End

Welcome Back!

The last time I blogged here was May of 2018, right before I turned 50 years old. I have imported the articles/videos I wrote for the Thrive website to provide some sort of context for the past couple of years but haven’t been *blogging* like I used to in a long while.

That changes with this post! I miss personal blogging.

Plus, life is so different now. I am the same person, but not. The world is the same, but not really. For me lately, time is like a good Drag show…. lots of reveals that completely enhance, improve, make sense out of the hints and surprises. Given all … and I mean ALLLLLLL … that has gone on the past couple of years, especially 2020, things seem clearer than crystal.

With a hand on my heart and corny puppy dog eyes, I see you. <– that is a new to me 2020 thing.

The Not Great

So the world is in chaos with the Pandemic; it will never be the same, and I fear we are just at the beginning of its true consequences. SO MUCH to blog about concerning just that. Another thing, I have also experienced further alienation of more conservative Christian friends. My tolerance for bullsh*t and double-lived lives with their all-encompassing self serving hypocritical excuses is pretty much gone. Plus, I may have an overly harsh edge right now as I continue to “unlearn” and “deconstruct.” But you know, that’s where I am at, and don’t feel guilty about it at all. It’s part of me and the journey, and instead of feeling guilty and pushing it down, I care, but I am letting those notes of my song find expression. Not all beautiful songs are pretty as they unfold. I am also more upfront with progay critics telling me what I can and can’t say/address/speak to; yeah, go mind your own business. I will listen to them, but they should know that I spent my entire life self-editing *everything* because of critics or the fear of what others would think. Now that I have found my way out of the closet, not going to let a new set of critics (they are everywhere) tell me what, how, or when to say what I need to say.

The SO Incredibly Great

I am getting married on April 23rd to my man Dan. I am entering a new phase of fairy god-mothering … the kid is now 13! She’s a legit teen!! I have been at my job for three years now, gotten raises/promotions, and just moved into our new house. OH, and the furkid is totes adorbs.

I love my work friends and out of work friends. I have a real authentic community of amazing weirdo (term of endearment and a compliment) chose family. My family is doing well, and my Mom asks about Dan and Autumn frequently. I know…miracles happen! Dan’s Mom and Dad, brother and sister-in-law, have been so loving to me.

The two documentaries I am in are finished. “For They Know Not What They Do” is free and out living in the wild. “Pray Away” has been delayed by the pandemic but has received *amazing* critical review. At Thrive, we weren’t able to start our offline groups like planned this year because of the pandemic, but you know, everything has a purpose and time. I have done many media interviews (more than I realized) and online advocacy with various groups and private corporate projects.

All that and more!

I love my life; Dan, the Fairy Princess, Eli, Friends, Family… where I am at… all that. Life is good, and I can’t wait to share it with more blog posts. There is a lot of reason to be afraid. Many are, but I am not allowing that to block my view of the amazing blessings the Universe has allowed me to witness and be blessed by.

Including and especially you. Thank you for reading.