ThriveCast #9 – Special Guest Interview With Author Suzanne DeWitt Hall

Normally when you put the words God and sex in one sentence it can produce quite a variety of responses. ThriveCast #9 features author Suzanne DeWitt Hall. She says that God is not some far off deity with an opinion that stands off to the side while we do our thing. Suzanne proclaims that God should not be seen as a condemning figure but a knowing participant in the creation, and fulfillment, of our sexual lives. Needless to say, this was a fascinating discussion and our most-watched ThriveCast to date.

From Suzanne’s about page at :

Suzanne DeWitt Hall is the author of the Where True Love Is devotional series and the Rumplepimple adventures for kids. Her work is designed to shine the light of love into hearts darkened by discrimination and fear. Suzanne lives with her beloved wife, two terriers, and a cat named Chicken. Her life is so full of joy it’s surprising her house can hold it all.

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