Afterthoughts on USA Today Article – A Call for Courageous Voices

Yesterday (online, print edition out today) I had the honor of lending my voice and story to the USA Today article written by Susan Miller, “‘Being LGBTQ is not an illness’: Record number of states banning conversion therapy.

It’s encouraging to hear that the wave of bans against conversion therapy for minors is gaining momentum. I am so grateful for the HRC’s help in getting the word out and making and keeping this a top priority. The work they are doing is fantastic, and I am encouraged by their efforts.

On the same note, what’s even more remarkable, are the efforts happening at the grassroots. I know and hear from people all over the United States (and some from abroad) that have had enough and are not going to be silent anymore. Individuals, families, and communities have seen the damaging impact of social and religious stigma against LGBT+ individuals. To continue that abuse under the guise of “professional” counseling for minors needs calling out for the harm that it is and banning.

It’s time to take our power back and lift our voices to protect the young; to help prevent future generations from having to experience what we have gone through.

So, if you need someone with 23 years of experience as a leader of ex-gay/conversion ministries and working with conversion therapists to speak out against it, sign me up. Also, if you have a similar story of escaping and healing from conversion therapy/ex-gay ministry and would like to lend your voice to ending conversion therapy for minors, please contact me privately with your preferred contact information. I want to and have been asked to, compile a list of people all across the country to pass along to organization’s and leaders seeking to end conversion therapy. As momentum increases, we need courageous voices willing to speak up at the local and state level. Please help and contact me if you can.

You are loved,