About The New Job(s) & Non-Profit Development (Update)

Good morning! Working at the grocery store has been havoc on my schedule the past few weeks (Thanks, Thanksgiving :)). However, with a new full-time job coming up on the 15th I will have a fixed schedule (mostly) and can get back to regular blogging and continue to develop the new Non-Profit. I got the go-ahead this morning that the last detail needed before launching the non-profit is in place. Now I just have to build the website and work on the public presentation :).

It’s been a challenge finding my way through all the work situations, working on the non-profit, living in Mount Dora, and getting used to being a 10-year-old girl’s Fairy Godmother while in my first honest/healthy “long-term” dating relationship …lots and lots of change. Sometimes I feel like a bull in a China shop tromping around. Even though I feel that way (again, just sometimes) I look around and I’m just me, being fully honest, living the life I was created for and in the environment I am supposed to be in.

I’m not looking for others to open doors, approve of, or give permission any longer. I don’t live in fear or idealism; simple reality.

And, the reality is, life is beautiful. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Have a great day!