My New Office Is Amazing!

My new office! ::: Big Grin::: We are so close to announcing our new non-profit’s name! We want to make sure all our ducks are in a row, and quacking, first. That said, I have pitched the organizational mission/vision/implementation ideas to several key folks. They have all been incredibly encouraging and supportive.

Rev. Terri loved the idea of it so much she gave me this room at Joy Metropolitan Community Church to work out of. This was my first day to do so! It is the old youth room and a current makeshift storage area for the remodeling going on in another part of the church. I love it! We can play ping pong during brainstorming sessions, and I have a place to prop up all the closet doors we rip off so people can come out safely into authenticity and freedom! (Look at the photo again if you don’t get the reference :)).

She apologized for the mess, and I told her that I thought it is amazing and I am grateful. Plus, given the fact that during my local ex-gay ministry days, my office was literally in a closet at our main host church (when I left), this seemed palatial :). Isn’t it fitting that my ex-gay ministry office in Texas was in a closet? I think it was a sign I was unwilling to see.

Plus, once Dan get’s let loose in here… it will be a very nice office to meet with people in … someday. Until then, did you see the bean bag chairs in the back on the right? Yes! Ping Pong, busted closet door collection, and nap time! I love this new beginning and look forward to seeing what manifests.

If you would like to keep updated via a special email list I am creating for the new organization, please leave a comment or contact me privately at randy(at), or via the secure online form by clicking here. Thanks!