Divine Choreography – An Important Reminder

I am directionally challenged so when Divine choreography (my friend Daniel Karslake’s description) happens, it really gets my attention.

For a while now I have been semi-quietly working on developing a new non-profit organization. I have pulled together a proposal and pitched it to a few people and all of a sudden in the past few weeks everything appears to be falling in place; a donated office and phone line, pledges of support and a myriad of action steps and resource development pouring out of my heart and spirit. It’s been an exhilarating process and I am enjoying watching it all manifest.

That said, this is my first day coming to Orlando (where the new office will be located) to get a PO Box and work on more development issues for the organization itself. Plus, it was fun to commute to “work” with Dan (he works here a few days a week.) I wore my HRC “We are Orlando” t-shirt made for the Pulse One Year Memorial service. I wore it because remembering and honoring the 49 while pulling together a non-profit seeking to end religious stigma against LGBT+ people, and live a full life beyond it, seems appropriate. It might sound weird to some but today I wanted to wear a powerful and personal reminder that we need every champion for love we can find.

I dropped Dan off at his work and hung out at Starbucks this morning. Then we had lunch and I needed a change of scenery. I asked Siri to find the closest Dunkin Donuts and, again, being directionally challenged, I was very surprised to end up at the Dunkin across the street from Pulse. I didn’t burst into tears in the parking lot but I was very emotional thinking of the synchronicity of the moment. It wasn’t planned, at all. Divine choreography.

As I typed the above paragraph a lone businessman in grey slacks, nice blue long sleeve dress shirt, modern haircut, and stylish sunglasses walked up to the memorial fence. He took a single photo of one area. The way he adjusted his glasses and wiped his eyes made me think he was weeping. Looking on, I wept with him.

It’s hard to describe the passion I am feeling right now. The passion for my community, for individuals, for the church, for the culture, for the generations, for the right to thrive in full equality with the dignity afforded to every soul that draws breath… I could go on and on; yes, feeling quite stirred up is an apt description of the moment.

My mind has been running 900 mph for a few weeks now imagining the “what ifs” and “what could be” of the new organization. Apparently, my heart needed my mind to be quiet and simply Listen for a moment. What I hear is a loving Creator issuing an important reminder to stand firm in a love and grace, to be bold and clear, and to resist hate with truth and life-giving resources.

So, that’s what I plan to do. More details on this new project will be coming very soon.

Being free is good,