Focus Group Radio Highlights “Caution When Driving Gay” Post

This morning I was painting and Dan was doing Handy Man Dan things while we listened to one of my favorite podcasts, Focus Group Radio. At one point we looked at each other and said, “Are they talking about… us?” Yep, they were. We are grateful for Tim and John highlighting what Dan went through being harassed on the road in Alabama after being targeted because of the HRC sticker on our car. The video embed above starts where they started talking about my blog post detailing what happened. However, I love this podcast so please watch the whole video.
Back to the point, expressing our first amendment right that way (bumper sticker) is definitely a “double edged sword” especially now that the symbols are known beyond our LGBTQ+ community. However, not imposing on others who disagree, I refuse to take the sticker off the car. To me, that is a form of silencing I find unacceptable. It’s interesting that we were brought up on their show, and I am forever grateful Dan is ok, but the issue is so much more important than just Dan’s experience and my anger over it. LGBTQ+ people are harassed, threatened and beaten (or worse) every single day. The more we expose, communicate and educate, the further we progress toward full equality (and safety.)
Again, thanks to Focus Group Radio for highlighting what happened. And, again, I love this podcast and listen to it faithfully. Check it out!