Is This The Face Of A Scoffer?

Last night, around midnight to 1 am #SBlackOKC tweeted…

I asked if his “rebuke” tweet was about his hateful self-serving comments he left here and here on my blog. This is our exchange to my question:

I don’t think I look like a scoffer…just happy. Isn’t Dan handsome? 🙂

Even without explicit confirmation, it’s clear Stephen (the Vice Chair of ex-gay/conversion ministry Restored Hope Network) is calling me a pitiful, deceived, turning my back on God rebellious apostate who is a perverter of The Way. Stephen also calls me more names like “scoffer” and “victim.” This is in addition to all the other names and incredibly negative attributes he has assigned to me publicly, and privately, in the past. He really can’t help himself; he really does think he knows more about me and my relationship with God than I do. Stephen truly believes that it is somehow his righteous calling to behave in such a way.

Stephen, and really anyone who agrees with him, I am not a scoffer. I have no interesting in “jeering” at you or treating you with derision. I am a 23 year veteran of the ex-gay/conversion ministry world. I am definitely a critic; an opponent of the fraudulent ministry you are conducting. I escaped that world, kept my faith, kept my sanity and know the true life-giving love of God and others now. The truth is, you, other ex-gay/conversion ministry leaders (and even my past self as one) didn’t live up to our promises. We made promises in God’s name we couldn’t keep because they are not of Him. Nothing ever changed except it appeared the longer one is in that world, the more angry, alone and bitter they become. That’s not the fruit of the Spirit, that is the fruit of an oppressed and broken heart. I tried it all. I sat under every major leader’s teachings, mentorship and resources for over two decades… it didn’t and doesn’t work no matter how many times you say it does.

I am not an enemy of God. I don’t even think of myself as your enemy. But I am definitely an enemy of stigmatized religion and the ex-gay/conversion ministry it produced to give cover for those who hate LGBTQ+ people in the church and at large.

I am glad Stephen is moving along. Even so, there are many more like him out there. Their numbers are dwindling rapidly as authentic love continues to win over and liberate hearts.