Stop Bashing, Start Embracing – Responding to Franklin Graham’s Employee

I have been quiet about this except with my friends on Facebook (not on public posts.) However, I just sent an email and wanted to share it. A person claiming to be in HR for Franklin Graham’s organization Samaritan’s Purse said they believed God “led” them to me in an effort to find someone to handle Franklin’s social media accounts. It seems to be a legit person but there is always the possibility it is someone trying to troll me. Regardless, I chose to assume this was a real person (saved all the emails and the information they provide) and that this was a legit situation. This is my latest email, sent just a few minutes ago:

Is this real? I hope so. It’s time for the Franklin Graham’s of the world (and their employees) to take a seat, listen and learn from their LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters. That’s not said with disrespect or condescension, just out of necessity to stop the damage of stigmatizing theology.