I am sitting in the upstairs living room area of a huge house I just moved into. It is a gorgeous house where I am renting two of the four bedrooms. Renting isn’t my favorite, but it is the best option for now.

And it is a beautiful option. Love this place; incredibly grateful.

The upstairs alone is literally twice the square footage as The Little Cottage House On The Edge Of The Boonies. We (TSG Roomie and I) moved in last week after I had been living in a temporary situation in a lovely apartment for a month. So, two major moves within 32 days of each other from cottage house to a larger apartment, to a Super House.

After having moved many times over the years, these two moves seemed especially difficult. Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s that I haven’t had a roommate in around 10 years, perhaps it’s the “new”ness of trying to rebuild life from an honest foundation and finding my place in a community with brand new surroundings. I am sure it is all the above and more. It’s been a very stressful month.

Plus, just last summer, I wasn’t dating. I was comfortable in the cottage house on my own. I was literally alone a good 90% of the time and always alone at home. Now, since moving in with TSG Roomie and dating Dan, I am rarely alone. It has been a challenge and a difficult adjustment in some personal ways.

Here lately, I am reminded of when I first moved to Florida in 2002. The culture shock, entirely new environment, change of pace had a similar effect. I used to say at work or when I was speaking:

“I call Tennessee the Motherland; Texas the Fatherland and Florida… You’re On Your Own land! But I always know that wherever God’s people are, and God’s presence abides, I am “H”ome.”

Well, God’s people (myself included) can be difficult to live with :). It’s the whole human thing. However, now settling into the new place, I find life-giving soul-care knowing that He, Our Creator, is my only Home. Yes, I am a Christ follower, and I abide in Him. But I have come to learn that all people, of every faith and “kind,” are God’s people. He is Life and all things good. He is everywhere and can be found in everyone…everything.

Now matter the physical environment, my shelter is always sure when living in authentic peace and love. That sounds so Sunday School Answerish :), but it is true. When feeling untethered that meditation has always brought me back to center. It is my hope that you find your home in love and peace, too.