The Unorganized Church?

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It’s been a little over a year ago that I stopped going to a traditional church. I’ve visited a few (three) since then. I thought I would miss it more than I do. But, I don’t miss it all that much. I miss seeing some of the folks on Sunday, but while some relationships have run their course, other friendships remain strong. I am grateful.

Now, I don’t say the following as a negative against the traditional church. It’s just my experience. But, my worship life has been better outside the literal four walls of the church. My love for God and people has expanded as a result. Jesus truly is enough.

The first draft of this post included a huge ol’ honkin’ section of the failures and strengths of organized religion. Honestly, as I read it to edit it, it was SO annoying. So, let’s just skip that part and get to the part that’s from my heart.

What if we didn’t try to organize “church”? What if we just showed up and allowed whatever happens to happen? No leaders, no lesson plans, no agendas except ones made on the fly, no hidden agendas…ever. What if we just met for coffee/drinks/meal (whatever) and allowed relationships to grow organically, not confined to the formulaic Sunday School + Worship + Sermon + Chit Chat = Going to church. What if, instead of giving money to the church, we just give money to whoever needs it as we can when the moment makes itself known?

How cool would it be to simply be present to whoever shows up with whatever is on their mind?

I like the idea of an unorganized church. Is it possible?


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