The Divine Spark & Being Fully Human

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Being “broken” and embracing our “brokenness” are buzzwords in evangelical circles. These words spring from teachings based on the doctrine of innate sin; that we are all born as sinners into a sinful and “fallen” world.

Having left the conversion ministry (The Gospel According to Reparative Therapy) angle of “sexual brokenness” I know that it was, and there is, a lot of opportunistic, compelling yet incorrect teachings based on the idea of “brokenness” out there.

That said, I also acknowledge we are fully human and quite capable of a whole lotta’ mess. It would be nice if we could all just say a super-prayer, power-up, and then walk around glowing like Moses when he was on the mountaintop. It would be cool to offer or receive genuine forgiveness to someone and in a moment of mutual understanding, both of us just go super-nova into blinding Gandalf the Wizard White like Jesus did in His transfiguration.

But no, we aren’t perfect, or Moses or Jesus… or Gandalf (unless you are at a costume party or Ian McKellen)

So yeah, we still have our frailties, dysfunctions and terribly selfish drivers on Lake Mary Blvd. Even so, I will not exalt a “broken” sense of self when the Divinely whole person is already alive in Christ. His life, His Communion, is manifesting in this world in the lives of individuals all around us whether they believe in Him or not. An eternal state of being isn’t a far off future concept. Eternity is a constant state of right now. All good is from God, and I believe for those who are willing to look, the world and the people in it, are beautiful and full of good.

Yes, my body will age and return its resources to the Earth, but the Divine spark that was embodied in Christ is now alive in us. He is Alive in every breath, in every heartbeat, in every synaptic firing. He is alive in every kind word, falling tear, selfless gift, urgent prayer, comforting word, empathetic understanding, and sacrificial effort. He is Good, and He is in the midst of all our good and bad. I don’t believe he sees us as  a bunch of “Not yets” or just partially “sanctified.” I don’t think He sees us as “broken.” I believe He sees us all as fully human, and Divinely (perfectly) loved.

I abide in Him, not in another man’s condemnation or a culturally imposed “brokenness.”

Also, specifically, our being gay is not about being broken as many declare and teach. Being gay is an important part of how we are wired to relationally manifest His Divine spark within and through us.

To be clear, I am not knocking genuine support groups or acknowledging dysfunctional behavior or beliefs to start to live life differently. If we do determine we need help to replace dysfunction with healthy relational or situational patterns, I hope we do so from a place of security in being fully human, not a fractured objectified piece of an unreachable idealization.


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