Happy Marriage Equality Day!

[callout]The drawing featured at the top of this post is called “New Era” and is my pride 2016 drawing. I might work on it a bit more, but I kind of like it the way it is, and should probably leave it alone…maybe.[/callout]

One year ago today the Supreme Court decided that the rights, benefits and protections of marriage equality included couples of the same gender.  Hooray!

It was a very emotional and wonderful day. Mr. Future Thomas-Husband (Daniel Craig?) rejoiced … wherever he was at. Which reminds me, he needs to hurry up and get his application to be Mr. Future Thomas-Husband finished and sent in!

Don’t forget the accompanying video… honey.

^ See what I did there? Daily terms of endearment, and cute hubby nicknames like honey or more like Schnoogy-Bare-Bear from me is a benefit I bring to the table. A benefit now protected by the law of the land! Mr. Future Thomas-Husband (aka Schnoogy-Bare-Bear) will understand and love that benefit. 🙂

Or at least I hope he pretends to love that benefit. If not, we will work through it … until he is ok with it :).

Some of my online acquaintances have been discouraging. They say that a guy my age won’t find blah blah blah and/or monogamy is an unrealistic ideal blah blah blah… I say phooey on the Mr. Future Thomas-Husband h8ters! Regardless of whether I am single, dating, married, it’s all good. I know who I am and comfortable in my skin. So, while I am good with whatever happens tomorrow, I don’t have to let go of the love I already have for my future husband.

Nope, not “pining away.” More like, enjoying the idea!

So, my friends, happy Marriage Equality day! For those that are already married, my single man encouragement to you today is to give your spouse a cute nickname like Schnoogy-Bare-Bear … and then goose them or something.

Then, pull your other half, the one who holds your heart, close. Look into their beautiful eyes and tell them a list of specific reasons for why you love them. Not just, “I love you because your awesome.” More like, “I love you because of your golden heart… your willingness to serve at ____, the way you are a good Parent to our kids, the way you help me understand ____ help me to be a better person by _____” and on and on. Be specific and generous with your reasons.

And of course if you are a praying couple, if you would like to pray for that crazy Randy to find his Schnoogy-Bare-Bear, I’d love that!

Back to you lovely couples, as you look into the windows of your spouse’s soul, remember that you are home. Be someone that when your spouse looks into your eyes, they feel safe and at home, too.

Happy Marriage Equality Day!