Welcome Advocate Readers

advocate_screengrabWoke up this morning to find out I am in The Advocate’s “They Came Out This Year.” Thank you, Advocate! From the article (linkage mine):

Randy Thomas, once an activist with the now-defunct “ex-gay” group Exodus International, came out in a January blog post as “gay with some level of bisexual tendencies.” Thomas has apologized for how the “ex-gay” movement has harmed LGBT people, but he said he knows not all will forgive him.

Gratefully, many have forgiven over the past ten months. I am blessed with current friendships becoming stronger and making many new ones! Many things have changed over a short period. The coming out process wasn’t easy, by any means, but I feel a freedom I haven’t experienced before. A good life where I am truly joyful and content regardless of circumstance. My faith is stronger than before, and I have been blessed with a beautiful relationship with Mr. Boyfriend.

Life still has its challenges, of course. But, embracing the truth that God loves me for all of who I am, including as a gay man, has liberated and transformed me. If you are still in the closet, it is my prayer for you today that you will come out when it is right for you. When you are comfortable in knowing who you are and willing to share the gift of the authentic you to the world. I pray you will not allow shame and condemnation to contextualize your life, and you will find the strength to move forward.You have my love and friendship wherever you are on your journey.



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