Post Hurricane Irma Update

Good morning! Here is another Post-Irmageddon Update: LOTS of loved ones traveling today so please pray. Got up this morning at the butt-crack of dawn to take Dan to the airport. He is going to visit and work with some friends in Alabama for a week. But, while he is leaving the state, millions are still trying to get home. My parents and a lot of friends are trying to get back into Florida and I have heard from three different ones that it’s been horrible traffic. I know they are anxious to get home so join me in praying for all the congestion to clear up, people stay calm, and they are safe.

My parent’s house is down southwest of here so Irma was a LOT stronger as she went right over their home. I am very anxious (as I am sure they are) to know if their house is ok. Please pray they pull up to their home, it has no damage and full power and they can relax.

At Casa de Dandy, we never lost water so that is good. Electricity came back on last night but the cable (and for us that is basically wifi) is still out. Plus, ever since the electricity came back on, the data service through my phone has been very spotty and frustrating. It’s inhibiting my ability to do some work and resume the job hunt. Plus I am doing some preliminary work on non-profit stuff 🙂. Once Starbucks reopens I may need to just park my butt there all day; that’s assuming their wifi will be working.

Unfortunately we lost ALL our food and burned through the non-perishables quickly. I just had a bread and mayo sandwich for a late breakfast :::laugh::: We’ve been hit pretty hard financially lately so this isn’t helping. But, and I mean this even though it sounds cliche, the Lord will provide. He always does.

Also, I finally got caught up on the news and I can’t believe how much devastation hit the state. From Miami, to the Keys (holy crap the Keys y’all, heart breaking) to my parents area, to the heartbreaking scenes I have seen around here, flooding in Jacksonville, people pulling trees off of homes here and in Gainesville… on and on. It threatens to overwhelm but, like Texas, we are good strong people. I am also looking into how to help those around us, or anywhere really, in the state.

Thank you for your prayers and friendship!

The photo on this post is of our landlords Dwayne & Dante. They are awesome guys and incredibly gracious. Yard work after a hurricane is not exactly fun but I am glad we got to spend time together yesterday.

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