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Marriage Equality Arrives In The United States!

Today the Supreme Court of The United States has corrected a grave mistake many states made in purposefully attacking and maligning gay couples and our loving relationships. I am beyond jubilant and filled with joy that the Supreme Court has decided in favor of marriage equality!!!

I wrote about my history of anti-gay lobbying and how I have not only come out in support of gay marriage, but have “come out” again personally. My legalistic religious blinders came off a few years ago and now I long for the day when I will marry the man of my dreams. The nation that I love and call home has finally recognized that it is beyond time that marriage equality is extended to LGBT couples…

::: speechless with emotion ::: had to stop typing for a moment. ::: deep breath :::

Today is historic in a couple of ways I want to highlight; one is that as LGBT people our basic inalienable rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness has been validated and affirmed by granting us our due access to benefits and protections within the bonds of marriage defined by public policy. We are finally being treated equally under the law in this regard. That is huge!!!

Secondly, I think it is also historic that this great country has proven once again, our system of government is amazing. Our government might be ornery, inefficient in some ways, and frustrating. But once again … we have corrected a huge injustice and made ourselves a better country, a better people, as a result.

While having compassion for those that can’t or won’t see the beauty of our relationships, we have other things to do like laugh, serve, enjoy, dance, give, embrace, engage, extend grace, press toward a true common good, be a life-giving community and…

  • Love God for His infinite Love and grace…
  • Love who we are Created to be…
  • Love the community(ies) we are honored to be a part of…
  • Love the nation we call home…
  • Love our friends and family…
  • and Love our spouse (or future spouse) who has captured our heart, Love the one that when we look into their eyes we know we are home, Love the one we say “I do” too.

Love wins; Love won.

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    • Randy Randy

      Yes it does…and in this case…yes it did 🙂

  1. Alison Ruth Defrese Alison Ruth Defrese

    Congrats! I’m not looking forward to the homily/sermon at my particular Eastern Orthodox Church this Sunday, though. Sigh.

    • Randy Randy

      🙁 … well hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised, and we can pray for them as they prepare their statements to have an encounter with the grace of Christ in an amazing way. We could all use that at any time…repeatedly! 🙂 Thanks for the comment an encouragement Alison.

  2. Rick Johnson Rick Johnson

    SCOTUS can ram the homosexual agenda down Amerika’s throats but they can’t force those of us who live our lives by moral absolutes to accept this sickness as normal. In short, homosexuality is a perversion of God’s intended sexuality for mankind. Today’s ruling is another act in America’s defining deviancy down.

    • Randy Randy

      Rick, in America you are certainly free to speak out and give expression to what appears to be some really deep malice in your heart. However, my blog and social media streams are my personal outlets and not a democracy. I won’t put up with fear-based stigmatization of LGBT people and couples being done in the name of “moral absolutes.”

      Policy victories are great but not the end. The real battle against stigmatization and oppression has always resided in the hearts of the people, not in the words or sentence structure of policy. It’s important to fight for equality in the eyes of the state, but true change comes when people’s hearts are changed. As a man who is many things including being gay, I am going to unapologetically confront and respond with grace to people who believe and behave like you, Rick. I will stand firm against your verbal bullying and spiritual curses. Where it is helpful and appropriate, I will take my place and directly oppose anyone who continues to want to silence, shame, and condemn LGBT people.

      The ground we as a people (not just LGBT people) gained yesterday is outside of a shameful closet our country no longer lives in…and aren’t going back to.

    • Nine Inch Nail Nine Inch Nail

      Rick, please provide proof of what God’s will is since he allowed this to happen and may in fact be the cause of it.

  3. DavidM DavidM

    Well said Randy.

    If Rick can’t wrap his contracted judgemental hypnotized brain around natural inborn aspects of the human race that trump all his mega melt down rhetoric, then so be it. He looks quite silly in the grand scheme of things but then that’s his choice.

    Like many, it takes time to have a come to Jesus moment, and rational human thought moment on this issue.

    Most in this category think they bring baskets of fresh flowers to the table, when in fact it’s but a basket of black thorny vines.

    Let’s always keep good thoughts in mind for the deranged thinking that many struggle with, that they may come around more sooner than later.

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