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I Am The Luckiest Fairy Godmother, Ever

This was from some face filter on the social snappy thing the yougins use. If I had actually done the makeup the blue eyeshadow would have had some glitter and would have been (cablended much better.

I love Dan. I do. At the time of this writing, we have been dating just shy of 10 months and living together 3.5 months. Dan is loyal, patient, long-suffering and other-centered. I love holding his strong hands, and when he tells me, he loves me. The fact he kisses me every time we go our different ways in the morning and every time we come back together again in the evening. I love that he loves RomCom’s and tolerates my Game of Thrones addiction. I also love the fact that while Vampires are my favorite monster human hybrid and would always choose them over romcoms, he thinks J-Lo is a great actress and that I have underestimated her acting abilities.

Dan isn’t the only heavenly blessing in this relationship; he brings with him his daughter, The Diva. She’s a treasure in and of her own. And, yes, she knows it.

Granted, while at the moment it is a little irritating, I do love waking up to a ten-year-old girl jumping on the bed, “Hey Randy! Daddy said he would think about letting us have fish!”


“Randy, can I have some of your A&W Root Beer?”


“I like waffles but not pancakes. Pancakes are DISGUSTING.”


“So what if I want to stay up all night? It’s the weekend.”

And between her pushing back on and questioning everything we get to hear, I mean, we are incredibly blessed to hear her non-stop karaoke versions of the choruses to Taylor Dayne or Jennifer Hudson songs.

She is such a ten-year-old! You know, because she is ten years old.

I haven’t lived with a ten-year-old since my little brother was ten and we were both terrified to make a peep in the house. This is a whole new experience for me. One that has revealed how incredibly selfish I can be in new ways. It has also revealed how old tapes in my head from childhood can be confronted when trying to learn what’s best in how to relate to our resident ten-year-old Diva.

I do love her. I love teasing her about her crushes on boys at her school. I loved her smile when we determined that at this point in our relationship it is ok to call me her Fairy Godmother. I love it when she brings her 10-year-old reasoning to politics. It was cute to blow her little mind when I answer (after being asked) what my opinion of Donald Trump is, “Trump is a national disaster.” Her first response to my not a Trump fan statement was cute indignation, but she gets to learn how to deal with liberal Fairy Godmothers, and that is a good thing.

Yes, there are times when I need to watch Orange Is The New Black in one room while The Diva watches her 700th episode of GLEE in another. Who could EVER get tired or Taylor Dayne karaoke?

No one, ever.

Yes, I love her father, The WonderDan and in doing so, I fell in love with a little girl with strong pop-song diva tendencies and became her Fairy Godmother. I am the luckiest Fairy Godmother ever.

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