The Life of A Duck

I am looking out my kitchen window at the pond over behind the mailbox. I love being able to see the water and catch glimpses of Delores, Delilah, and Desiree (the 3D’s) as they swim by from time to time.

The 3D’s are gorgeous solid white everpresent ducks.

They preen, a lot. They eat yet undiscovered Reese’s peanut butter cups. Well, that is what is happening in my mind because the bug eating thing is a gross part of nature I don’t care to think about. Plus, Reese’s Easter Eggs have to come from somewhere, right? They honk at other birds or animals moving in or around their pond. Other than that, they nap, and just float around in the beautiful sun while dreaming of exclusive pond domination and listening to the waterfall.

They don’t know what a Trump is. They don’t care about whether they are getting the correct amount of upload and download speed on their Internet connection. Zyrtec isn’t drying out their skin, and they are not wondering what the hell the neighbors are remodeling this time. They are not worried about their next car payment or if the duck’s in the next pond have the nuclear codes or not. The 3D’s seem quite content being with their crew, hanging out at the pond, saying hello to the turtles, and enjoying the Reese’s cup filled environment they exist in.

Don’t worry, I am not going to say something cliche like, “Here are 5 life-lessons from Delores, Delilah and Desiree.” They are *ducks* and we are humans for goodness sakes. But what they do remind me to do is to look outside of my ordinary and allow imagination to roam freely in the environment the universe has seen fit to place me in. And…

  • To be grateful for the sunshine.
  • To be grateful for provision.
  • To be grateful Divine Synchronicity.
  • That my upload and download speeds on my internet connection are SO much better than 20 years ago.
  • To be grateful that our Creator is magnificent and extravagant in everything beautiful.
  • That my faith and spirituality are thriving.
  • To be grateful for the ability to choose to be grateful.

In other words, looking out the window at the 3D’s reminded me to be grateful for the present, the now, the “what is,” and not be distracted by the fleeting cares/concerns of what was or unrealistic expectations of what could be.

And, … so what if I mythologized the origin story of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups? …. 😉

Intentional imagination and gratitude is always a good thing.

Being Free is Good,

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