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Welcome To My Dream Blog Home!

welcome-to-randythomas-blogBack in the early ’00’s I can remember sitting on the living room floor, on a laptop that weighed about the same as a small Volvo, playing around with an early version of blogging software. I told my roommate at the time that I wanted a blog domain name that ended with .BLOG. Specifically, I wanted RandyThomas.Blog

Well, .BLOG Url’s became available at 10 am EST this morning. I bought this one at 10:07 am. The template was installed before noon.

I was a little excited.

This may also be the simplest blog/website I have ever built. I love it! Simple theme, simple plugins on the backend… just easy. I hope those who read this blog will find it to be easy and functional as well. Some more details will fill in as the posts start flowing, but what you see is what you get (so far ;))

This blogging change comes at a fortunate time. Now that I am just shy of two years of being out of the closet, many things have settled in and I have found my voice and passion. On the other hand, plenty of “new” is in the works as well. Meaning there will be plenty to blog about personally and with what’s going on in the world. I will stay with my usual topics concerning faith, LGBTQ issues, current affairs, Ask-It Basket Questions… all that.

My now old blog Randy.Today will serve as an archive. Those posts won’t be pulled into here but they won’t disappear either. That blog represents an amazing and transformative time in my life. I might pull that into this one at some point in the future but my inclination is to let it live on as an archive.

Well, anyway, welcome to my new online dream home. Feel free to become my roommates. Plenty of room around here :).

Much love,


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  1. Your excitement gives me some much-needed joy during very tough times, Randy! I LOVE how excited you are and look forward to hanging out here from time to time! Hugs!

    • Wonderful! and I am glad you are here and enjoyed the post. I am sorry you are having a tough time but I know you got this!

  2. Exciting. And thanks for the reminder to order my .blog domain. And I’m glad you are not taking the other blog down, i’m working through each of those posts from the beginning one at a time. Keeping some notes about things to dialogue with you about once i get through them. God bless!

    • Randy Thomas Randy Thomas

      Thanks! and make sure to let me know when you have your .blog up and running :). Look forward to our future dialog 🙂 about my previous posts/blog.

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