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Christmas Card 2016 – I Would Like To Send You One!

Yay Christmas!

I am a little late this year but I would like to send you a Christmas Card! It’s become an annual tradition where I send out one of my cards, with my own design on the front, to whoever wants one. SO, if you would like a funky trippy Christmas card, please sign up below. It is free. However, if you would consider becoming a Patreon Patron (for as little as $1 a month) that would help. But, again, not required!

If you signed up last year, go ahead and sign up again to make sure I have your address on this year’s list (especially if you have moved.) The cutoff for this year’s sign-up will be this Friday, December 16th. I want to get them in the mail Monday :).

I love doing this every Christmas and can’t wait to get these in the mail. Sign up below!

UPDATE: The sign-up period for the card has closed in order to get them in the mail on time. If I have any left I would be glad to send you one if you don’t mind getting it late. Contact me if so.

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