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Category: The Stained Glass Closet

The Last Pedestal Falls

During Hurricane Irma’s aftermath, I learned that an ex-gay/conversion ministry leader I used to work with is taking pre-orders for his self-published book. This leader…

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The Blood On My Hands

Tuesday it was my joy and honor to meet Reverend Terri Steed Pierce of Joy MCC Church Orlando. Lately, I have been yearning to get…

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I Am The Luckiest Fairy Godmother, Ever

I love Dan. I do. At the time of this writing, we have been dating just shy of 10 months and living together 3.5 months.…

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A Self-Proclaimed Ex-Gay SuperStar (Book Excerpt)

When Tony called the office, and on hold waiting to talk to me, I have to be honest; I did not want to talk to…

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Confronting Ex-Gay Messaging: The Problem With “I Understand And Love You Because I Was One Of You…”

One of the reasons legalistic Christians support ex-gay/conversion ministries is because these ministries present themselves as “loving” and “kind” to the gay community because they…

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Two Imporant Documentaries In The Works

This past week I got serious about moving at the end of the month. I was packing, cleaning, donating, tossing, and finding surprises! As a…

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