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Category: OUTside The Closet Door

The Last Pedestal Falls

During Hurricane Irma’s aftermath, I learned that an ex-gay/conversion ministry leader I used to work with is taking pre-orders for his self-published book. This leader…

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Thoughts On The “Nashville Statement”

When it comes to the Nashville Statement, I watched it play out in real time on social media. I denounced it both on Twitter and…

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An Extra Seat At The Table (Memoir Excerpt)

(Excerpted From Chapter 3, Memoir) At one time in my young adult party years, I was renting a couch (not a room, or apartment, a…

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Unexpected Grace Comes To Visit: The Parents

The knock on the door was surprising. It was the middle of the day during the work week. I was in the back of the…


Caution When Driving Gay

As I am typing this, Dan is south of Atlanta taking a Starbucks break as he drives home from his road-trip vacation to Indiana and…


Climbing Down Off The Hook

Found out through a link to my blog (stats tracker) that I have been blocked by the Christian accountability service Covenant Eyes. I used to…

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