The Death of Billy Graham

Today, Billy Graham ended his long run on this earth at 99 years of age. I have seen a number of posts from beloved Christian conservative friends who idealize the man. I have seen posts from beloved LGBT+ friends (Christian and otherwise) villainizing the man.

Both groups have made some really good points.

When I heard the news of his passing, I got a little emotional but the overall sense of peace realizing Mr. Graham is home with the One he loves the most, Jesus. I spent too much time hating Mr. Graham the first time I was out in the ’80’s. However, while I was in the church closet from ’92 to ‘2015, I actually read a LOT about his life story and teachings. I fell in love with his heart for Christ. I forgave him his ignorance toward the gay community and God’s love for us but of course while in the closet I agreed with him about “sexual sin and brokenness.” Since I came back out in 2015 I forgave him the bad and hold on to the good I had learned about him. It’s what I hope people will do with me so it’s important to extend the same.

It is public record that Mr. Graham dishonored the image of God in LGBT+ people (saying we are disordered and sinful) and disrespected the deaths of our HIV+ friends as possible “punishment from God.” I can completely understand the broken hearts further tortured and stigmatized by those words wanting to dishonor his death with similar curses. I don’t agree with doing that unless it is for a beneficial end of getting to a point of releasing, forgiving, and working toward the greater good. Meaning, if a wound needs to be vented and cleaned, do it. I am here to help if you want.

I am a Christian. I am Gay. Today instead of dishonoring an imperfect man, I would rather visualize what I believe to be true. That today Mr. Graham met Jesus face to face and his tears were wiped away with peace and joy. I choose to believe that meeting is the most beautiful moment of Mr. Graham’s passing. I also choose to visualize LGBT+ saints who have passed from this earth before him are greeting Mr. Graham with open arms. That the ones who passed from AIDS are extending loving embraces of forgiveness to a man who was, on earth, seen as an enemy. I choose to believe that Billy Graham has experienced his first day of complete peace including the truth that we LGBT+ people are as much a part of God’s family as he is.

Now, if his children would get a clue… the world would be a little better place.

Being free is good,

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7 thoughts on “The Death of Billy Graham

  1. I read and reread your blog twice before I realized that was satire. I only wish that you had identity it is such some where.

  2. I adored your blog post. I believe that what God does for us (calling out His image in us, loving us, and offering grace unending) is what we should do for one another. The gay community wants love and acceptance; others should be afforded that same thing whether it is returned or not. Some of the Church has caused hurt and anguish to members of the LGBTQ community. Let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

    • I am so glad and agree. One thing being out as a gay man and Christian I have been pondering a lot about lately is how do I follow the teachings of Christ to TRULY love and pray for my enemies and how to honor the image of God in those who dishonor us? It’s a hard viewpoint to try to grasp and live out honestly; beyond cliches.

  3. When I as asked to play the piano for the funeral of my brother-in-law (who had been a scoundrel for years, reeking havoc for many in our family), I thought twice, but decided I should go ahead and do so. He got himself right with God before he died and I realized that who he is now isn’t the guy we knew him as down here on earth. And, I wanted to face him, knowing that I put my belief in God and His heaven into practice by viewing him as he is now, not who he was most of his life. I feel I did the right thing and can hold my head up when I see him again, knowing that I didn’t hold him in his past, but practiced my Christianity in accordance to the present. And if one can do that for someone like him, I see no reason whatsoever to vilify Billy Graham. He is now enlightened. Time to do the honorable thing, methinks.