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Sunday Offering: Anchoring Points in a Tempest of Distraction

The below “anchoring points” help keep me focussed on what is important. The truth is that you lovely peoples 🙂 are far more important than the tempest of distraction that assaults us every single day. It’s the highest priority to do everything possible to keep and protect that truth.

While seasons change and spheres of relationships ebb and flow, I want people to know they are cared about and loved. I genuinely believe we are all family (in the greater scheme of things.) That’s the focal point the below points spring from. I hope you find them encouraging and maybe even helpful.

So, here goes…

Anchoring points:

  • Explore, Discover and share Beauty in all its manifestations.
    • Resist pessimism and cynicism from within and coming from external sources.
  • Assert humor.
    • Not at someone else’s expense. Unless it is Donald Trump. FINE, ok not even then, but unless he ..ok…not even then.
  • Engage with encouragement.
    • Be specific; often.
    • Swim against the tide of discouragement.
  • Seek to be life-giving; energizing.
    • Avoid time hijacks and energy drains. Avoid hijacking someone else’s time and draining their energy.
  • Focus on and amplify what is good and true.
    • Be careful with confrontation; only do so if it promotes, preserves, and enhances life for the greater good (remember MLK).
  • Speak to what you know
    • Don’t talk past what you know. DON’T talk past what you know… Randy…shhh… do you really know what you are talking about? It’s ok if you don’t.
  • Love Jesus, love people …
    • and don’t be an asshole about it; no condescension, minimization, generalization.
    • reflectively listen first
  • In all things, keep it simple.
  • Spiritually, we are family, all of us.

So, there’s that! If you have any thoughts or additional “anchoring points,” I would love to hear them in the comments, social media or if you are shy 🙂 privately. Have a great day.



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  1. Kathy Koch Kathy Koch

    As always, your post is thought provoking. Good stuff. Okay – wait – you recommend specific encouragement. 🙂 I thought of you several times yesterday when I attended a Christian Writers Conference. Virtually everyone in the room should hired you as their Online Content and Social Media Manager. So many were overwhelmed by the thought of creating and maintaining social media platforms and more. 🙂

    Now, regarding something specific about your post. I might add this regarding your first point. If people find themselves being regularly pessimistic and cynical, I think it can be wise to try to discover the source(s). We can all be occasionally pessimistic and cynical because of a current situation. Hopefully we don’t stay there long. I agree that we should resist these both. But, if we are there often and/or these reactions are easily triggered, then maybe there’s something from our past that we haven’t completely dealt with. And/or, by exploring, we might discover that there’s a particular person/place/news source/etc. that consistently triggers these. Discovering this can help us make healthy changes so we can concentrate on beauty.

    • Well, thank you or thinking of me yesterday 🙂 and thank you for your thoughts on discovering the sources of pessimism and cyncism to be free-er to see beauty.

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