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Divine Choreography – An Important Reminder

I am directionally challenged so when Divine choreography (my friend Daniel Karslake’s description) happens, it really gets my attention. For a while now I have been…

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Embrace The Gift – Bisexual Awareness Week

When it comes to the LGBT+ crowd, the “B’s” don’t get equal attention. There is a lot of myth and bias against bisexual people. It’s…

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The Last Pedestal Falls

During Hurricane Irma’s aftermath, I learned that an ex-gay/conversion ministry leader I used to work with is taking pre-orders for his self-published book. This leader…

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One Tender Shoot – Lessons From a Wind-Whipped Banana Plant

We have a number of plants in the yard that I love. Bella, the Banana Plant, is definitely my favorite. We have Bella and Baby…


Post Hurricane Irma Update

Good morning! Here is another Post-Irmageddon Update: LOTS of loved ones traveling today so please pray. Got up this morning at the butt-crack of dawn…

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Prepping For Hurricane Irma

While there is plenty to accomplish while prepping for the storm, the only high priority five alarm items I have on the nefarious gay agenda…

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